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It’s that time again in the spiral!

The annual Pet-a-Palooza celebrations have begun once again.

Pets, Hatching Elixirs and Snack packs are all on sale, along with the festivities.

Also, the Snake In a  Basket and the Fierce Hound are now available in the crowns shop! Get them while you can!

For more info, be sure to check out the official post here:


Also, don’t forget to redeem your free pet snacks while you’re there!

Test Realm!

Heya Fanatics,

So by now, you may have known that Test Realm is out yet again. Kingsisle has now introduced in-game PvP Tournaments, along with the addition of new Playable Musical Instruments. Awesome right?

Duelist101 made a pretty handy post (located here), covering some of the New Gear, given as Tournament Prizes.

For More Information about these updates, you can check the official updates page here

Also in the Midst… Two New Bundles had been released! The Atlantean and the Olympian Bundle. Olympian Things remind me of Aquila, no?

A House in the latter bundle included an Aquilan House. Coincidence?

Maybe this could be a hint to the next new world, who knows?

What do you think will be the next world? Feel Free to Leave us a comment!




Once again, wizard101 is celebrating the mount-a-palooza! That means up to 60, yes, you read that right, 60% off mounts! All retired mounts have also returned to the spiral, even your favorite holiday mounts! These include the Snappy Lobster, Faithful Dragoness, Sunshine Pony, Purple Glider, White Mare, Rugged Seahorse, and the Starlight Pony!

But that’s not all, the VERY first 2 person mount to be sold in the crowns shop is here, the NEW Treant mount!

Also, this is your last chance to get 4 mounts that are retiring after this sale: Moonlight Pony, Spritely Seahorse, Bat Wings, and the Ancient Koi!

But you have to hurry, this sale won’t last long, only until April 21st! So hurry and take advantage of this sale!

But still, even with all that, THAT’S not even all! Wizard101’s amazing fansites will be giving away some mount-a-palooza giveaways!

To learn more about the mount-a-palooza, click here!

To buy crowns and take advantage of this event, click here!

Sloth Mount!

Are you tired of racing through the spiral on all your high-speed Jaguars and Lions? Have you ever considered just cruising through the spiral, admiring the beauty of the worlds?

This April Fools, K.I. Has given us the gift of a Sloth. This new mount is very special; Instead of racing through the spiral, this mount lets you take your time!

The Sloth carries you at a whopping speed of -40%, amazing right?
Also, it is at a cheap and affordable price!

Get your Sloth at a crowns shop near you for only 1750 crowns! Hurry though, this offer is only available from April 1st- April 7th (2013) so get your sloth buddy now!

Shaman Lore Pack!

Yup! Another pack has made its way into the spiral!

This new pack offers trainable spells, such as Savage Paw, Lord of Night and Winter Moon. Also, with this new pack brings along some new gear, wands, and the all new Leaf Foot Pet!

For more info, check the official announcement here!

Also, Duelist101 has made a post here, showcasing some of the new Gear. They also have a video of them opening a couple packs.

Check it out here!

The Wizardly Awards!

Wizardly Awards


Welcome to The Wizardly Awards!

Wizard101 Fanatics is proud to be a part of the first ever Wizardly Awards, hosted by The Wizardly Commons and other great fan sites!

What is the Wizardly awards you say?

The Wizardly Awards is an award ceremony, rewarding different Wizard101 Players, just like you and I for achieving a special accomplishment. There will be different Categories, and you, the players get to nominate who you think is worthy of this title.

Voting is currently taking place on the Wizardly commons, so be sure to get your vote in!

When would this event take place?

Be sure to mark this date down on your calender, it is one of the biggest events of the year so far, and when you look back at it, when everyone is talking about it, you won’t want to be the one who sits in the corner, just looking on at everyone discussing the wonderful time they had! This is the event of the Year!

Date: 3/24/13

Time: 7:00pm EST

Where you ask?

This event will be taking place at a Wysteria Villa House, Myth House, Tower of the Winter Winds and Life House. Pickups will be in the Unicorn Way Park, Realm Troll, Area 1


Tyler BattleWalker

Julia SparkleFountain

Angel Ice

Alexander Lionheart

Bailey SkyStaff

Blake BlueFlame

Cody GhostCatcher

Darby IceGem

Sites Promoting

*Wizard101 Fanatics* (Look for Jack Dragonshield)

Wizards Unite (Look for Ian Stormstaff)

Don’t miss out on the event of the year! Tell your friends, friends of friends, random people in the Shopping District, anyone!

See you all there!

*For more info, check out this site



It’s that time of the year again! All wizard101 packs (hoard packs, treasure card packs, lore packs, snack packs) are up to 50% until February 10th! Not only that, but the Nightmare and Yuletide packs have been returned until the end of the palooza! Also, KI has introduced to us the new Skyvern pack!

With the excitement that we all already have, KI has been even more generous to give us a FREE code to be redeemed at https://www.wizard101.com/game?context=redeem%2Fskyvern! This code will give you a pack, but remember, this code can only be used one time per account.

For more information on the pack-a-palooza, check out this link: https://www.wizard101.com/game/pack-a-palooza